API Endpoints
As soon as you created your first OAuth client and saved its client secret you can start integrating Datamin with your application via API.
Currently the following API endpoints are available:

Generate OAuth2 token

Endpoint: [GET/POST] https://api.datamin.io/v1/oauth/token?client_id=%%CLIENT_ID%%&client_secret=%%CLIENT_SECRET%%&grant_type=client_credentials Request body: empty Response example:
"expires_in": 86400,
"scope": "workflows:run",
"token_type": "Bearer"

Run workflow

Workflow UUID can be found in the list of workflows:
Endpoint: POST https://api.datamin.io/v1/workflows/%%WORKFLOW_UUID%%/runs/ Request body: empty Authorization: Bearer: %%access_token%% Response example:
"id": 40,
"state": "pending",
"task_uuid": "449c3c47-427e-465e-b1d2-0bf257b714e4",
"task_run_uuid": "ec430b94-4e22-4448-94f9-944ec650ba25",
"workflow_run_uuid": "95295cbc-cee7-49cc-a11a-2f1788423934",
"is_successful": false,
"output": null,
"errors": null,
"created_at": "",
"updated_at": "",
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