Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations require businesses to monitor transactions and report suspicious ones to authorities.

Datamin can help you with automating the data streaming for the following critical processes:

  • Unusual transaction amounts;

  • Unusual series of transactions (e.g., too many cash credits);

  • Unusual geographic destination or origin of a payment;

  • Known threats or typologies.

Streaming monitoring information about large transaction amounts

Here is an example of the pipeline to monitor large transaction amounts

A high volume of transactions within a short time

Too many transactions between the same accounts in X days

Other AML use cases

The idea is clear. Using the following examples and templates from our library you can set up your own AML monitoring pipelines with SQL queries of any complexity.

Some other examples of what you can monitor with Datamin:

  • Users with a high volume of transactions every day

  • Transactions from or to suspicious or dangerous locations, which you can define on your own

  • Suspicious reference data

  • Suspicious bank account owners

  • Suspicious and inconsistent activities. For example, a high volume of transactions but following the long breaks

  • Unusual amounts per user

  • Etc.

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