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Integration with Hubspot allows you to create tickets there in a real-time streaming mode. Instructions are available in the video or the text below.

How to connect?

So first things first — the authorization.

Authorize your Hubspot

Go to "Hubspot Authorizations" and click "Add Hubspot Authorization". You will be redirected to Hubspot's page where you need to give your concern.

Once consent's given, you will be redirected back to our application, where you can change the name of just a freshly connected Hubspot instance of yours.

Configure your new destination

Now, on the page of new Hubspot destination creation, you can choose your just-connected Hubspot. Now the question is, what are those pipeline IDs, pipeline stage ID, and owner ID? These are the internal IDs in your Hubspot. How to find them?

Pipeline / stage id

First of all navigate yourself to the configuration of pipelines, by clicking that link on the Tickets page.

In there you will find a list of your pipelines and corresponding stages. By clicking </>, it will reveal an ID, that you will need to put in your destination configuration.

Owner id

An owner is the one who creates a ticket. E.g, you could create a special account for just Datamin or use any other natural person account. In order to find the owner id, please go to the ticket properties, find a property "Ticket Owner", and click "Edit". You'll see something like this.

You need to copy a value in the red rectangle.

Example of the configured destination

After you've done all the steps above, your Hubspot configuration in Datamin will look like this. Now you can use it in your pipelines!

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