KPI Monitoring

General KPI monitoring

Datamin provides an extremely powerful way of calculating various KPIs from commonly known metrics (ARR, MRR, LTV, etc) to custom ones, that you can define on your own.

Metrics can be calculated in the Query itself or using an Aggregator.

Typically the result is compared with a certain target and sent as a notification to Slack or channels afterward.

AVG, SUM, MIN, MAX, and other aggregated monitoring

The pipeline above can be used for monitoring different KPIs represented by mathematical functions such as average values, number of items, minimal and maximal values, etc.

More information about using them in Condition and Aggregator tasks can be found on a special separate page.

ARR Monitoring

MRR monitoring

Stream sales or other revenue KPIs

Sales or other Revenue teams are the most KPI-driven in an organization. Datamin allows easy monitoring of their KPIs, comparing with a target, and taking different actions depending on whether it is already achieved or not yet:

Monitor average value per customer

Datamin allows easy monitoring of average values (amounts, orders, bank transfers, contract values) per customer. As an example the following pipeline represents the calculation of an average amount per customer and taking actions for different sizes of it:

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