Release notes

Upcoming releases

Release timeline: January - February 2023

  • Improved output and debugging features for the workflow canvas
  • Introducing Python for data transformation in workflows
  • New destinations: PagerDuty
  • Integration with dbt for metrics

Release history

Only important major releases are present in this list:
Release 15.01.2023
  • Sending messages in private groups in Slack

Release 12.01.2023

  • Folders and templates for metrics
  • Grid/list views for metrics and workflows

Release 09.01.2023

  • Supporting ClickHouse as a data source

Release 07.01.2023

  • Introducing metrics and thresholds

Release 19.12.2022

  • Amazon Redshift as a data source

Release: 09.12.2022

  • Environment variables

Release: 28.11.2022

  • Integration of workflows with data streaming platforms as data sources: Kafka first.

Release date: 26.11.2022

  • Integration with Google Spreadsheets as a destination

Release date: 23.11.2022

  • Extended API. Added multiple endpoints to pull statistics about workflow and task runs

Release date: 13.11.2022

  • Getting rid of free trial version and making basic version of Datamin free forever

Release date: 10.11.2022

  • Integration with Salesforce

Release date: 03.11.2022

  • Sign in with a Google account

Release date: 01.11.2022

  • Cloning of workflows

Release date: 20.10.2022

  • New task "Filter"
  • A possibility to edit the aggregator's variable name

Release date: 01.10.2022

  • Workflow templates are now visible in the list of workflows and marked with the "template" label
  • Bugfix in the workflow templates' backend

Release date: 23.09.2022