Customer Success

Drop in user signups

The following workflow example helps to retrieve all signups from today, compare the number of them with the target and notify the customer success team if it is lower than expected:
Workflow example
Query task
Condition task
Notification task

Drop in user logins

The same monitoring can be implemented for user logins. Just the query needs to be based on a different field:

Monitor customers stuck in the onboarding

Example workflow
Query task
CSV report as a result

Customers stuck in the KYC process for too long

One special modification of the previous example is the monitoring of customers who got stuck in the KYC process for too long.
If your data source supports such differentiation, you can even automatically detect if the root cause is on your side, your customers' side or if the problem is related to your KYC provider.

Customer engagement summary report

Workflow example
// Simple SQL to get data
COUNT(*) as cnt,
FROM customer_success.users
GROUP BY status
ORDER by cnt DESC;
And the the result can be sent once per a period of time (usually week) to your customer success team.